Project A.C.E.

Art. Chemistry. Education.

Hi and welcome to the Project A.C.E. Beta!

I am Dr. Alexandra Walsh and I am the instigator of this watercolour database. I am a Renaissance sort of person, so, to me, arts and sciences go hand in hand. This has led me to realize that there is currently no simple way to navigate the plethora of watercolours out there. Project A. C. E. was thus born.

This project combines my three greatest passions in life - Art, chemistry and education (A. C. E). With this database I hope to provide watercolourists world wide with an easy-to-navigate library of all watercolours on the market - their name, manufacturers, pigment composition and, in later stages of the beta, colour swatches. Moreover, as a trained scientist, I also aim this project to be a source of independent information regarding the quality of different watercolours. Eventually, the data base will contain information on lightfastness, tinting strength, and other attributes that can be of interest to hobbyists or professional watercolourists alike. Lastly, I want this project to be a time document of watercolours of our time, to track disappearing pigments and appearance of new ones.

At launch on May 30th 2022, the beta of the database is rather simplistic but contains already ca 1500 unique entries. It's an organic project and new entries will be added peu en peu.

Once again, welcome and happy browsing!